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What is a consultancy in computer science?

During the planning stage of the operation of a company, it is very important to make the appropriate selection of the administrative and management support systems. The chosen systems must conform to their needs and requirements.

At IGZ we offer a computer consultancy service that provides the appropriate orientation to our clients and where we present them with various options that the market has. Both consultant and contractor must be involved in the choice of the best software options, hardware, networks and communications that allow the growth of the company and its technological evolution. The needs of the Contracting Party, as well as its budget, and human resources will have a decisive impact on the different options of the market.

IGZ has the ability and talent of computer consultants who can make a difference in your company and where it will be conclusive about the decisions that are taken.

Outsourcing and Consulting in Hamilton

For us it will be a pleasure to know more about your organization and to be part of the technological development of your business:

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Software Outsourcing:

Today more than ever in a more competitive world every day, there is the conviction of the companies and in particular of the businessmen, of the necessity to outsource certain services carried out in the past by personnel of the company itself, with the aim of Focus your efforts on the strategic activities of your business.

IGZ is a company that has outsourcing resources in software engineering that offer high performance solutions of different complexity, in the most popular technologies and frames of the current market.